Small Steps, Big Picture

At the beginning of each new year I examine five areas of my life, asking and answering a question in each:

  1. Interpersonal (think relationships!) – How (and who!) can I love better?
  2. Intrapersonal – In what area I can grow in emotionally?
  3. Spiritually – How may I serve God and others better?
  4. Physically – How can I better care for my own body?
  5. Work /School life – In what specific way can I challenge myself to grow in my career?

This has been an annual ritual since my junior year in college after a professor encouraged us to be intentional with our time.  He said something along these lines: “Life will keep moving forward. And with each passing year, it will move more quickly. Before you know it – you will be five years out of college. Then ten; even fifteen. So often, we talk about our five and ten year plan – but it would behoove you to make specific goals each year.”

Small chunks. Small hopes. Small steps forward. Keeping the big picture in mind. That was my interpretation. Ever since 1994, as one year turns into another, I have done just that.

As this new year begins, I encourage you to consider how you can love yourself, your neighbor, and your world better.

Happy New Year.

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