Marriage Bootcamp

Strengthening your Relationship Muscles

Consider foundational relational truths designed to
rejuvenate and refresh your marriage.


Marriage Bootcamp is a four-week online workshop, built on leading research and my clinical experience, designed to help couples from all stages of life refocus, refresh, and strengthen their marriage. Through educational lectures and experiential activities, Marriage Bootcamp will give you a new perspective and deeper understanding of your own developmental story and how it impacts intimacy in your marriage; improve your communication as a couple; enhance your problem-solving skills; and challenge you to set practical goals and consider weekly “workouts” to exercise and strengthen your relational muscles. Marriage Bootcamp will give you the boost you need to deepen the friendship and intimacy of your marriage!

Weekly topics will include:

  • Our Attachment Story: Created for Connection
  • The Art and Science of Communication: A Skill We Can All Learn
  • Fighting Fairly & Forgiving Often: Mastering Emotional Intimacy
  • Love over a Lifetime: Getting through the Dirty Dishes and Flat Tires (or even pandemics!) of Life


You and your spouse will come away feeling more connected, as friends and intimate partners, and more equipped as a couple with a common language and practical relationship skills. Specifically you’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively and calmly, even amidst a difficult conversation
  • Mature your innate survival strategies in times of stress and physiological flooding
  • Consider ways in which your childhood attachment strategy impacts how you love and connect
  • Distinguish between constitutional differences and solvable problems
  • Strategize effective ways to reconnect after conflict, including a research-supported, five-step model of GRACE
  • Set healthy boundaries when practicing forgiveness
  • Strengthen your friendship and renew your respect and admiration for one another through the practice of gratitude


  • You and your spouse should identify a private, distraction-free, and quiet space for each session.
  • Make yourself comfortable and have with you a journal or notebook, pen, and a printed hardcopy of the Marriage Bootcamp E-workbook (provided electronically as a pdf upon purchase of Marriage Bootcamp).
  • Each session will begin with a fun “warm up” exercise, followed by relevant teaching on the week’s topic and numerous experiential activities. Each session ends with a “cool down” and a challenge.
  • Throughout each session, time is set aside for couples to privately engage in intimate conversations and experiential activities meant to explore and apply the topic just presented.


      “Being young and engaged, we felt like we got a jump start on relational health and wellness in Bootcamp! It was an incredibly insightful experience… it challenged, stretched, and empowered us. We are beyond grateful!”

    Grace and McKay, Engaged, Seattle, WA

    “We absolutely loved Dr. Gurney’s Marriage Bootcamp and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their marriage! Dr. Gurney struck a perfect balance between the educational content and pragmatic exercises that afforded a safe space to reflect on issues in our marriage and the motivation and tools to work through them. We had “ah ha” moments in each session and continue talking about ways we were challenged and the tools we learned.  Dr. Gurney is full of wisdom and Bootcamp had the most practical and helpful exercises to go through as a couple. We can’t stop singing the bootcamp’s praises!”

    Trent and Brynn, Married 8 years, Chicago, IL

    “Having taken other online marriage courses, we found Marriage Bootcamp unique in the way it challenged us to evaluate our own heart/issues before untangling how those issues might impact our marriage. Andrea is articulate and engaging. Her class is packed with research and information but also valuable exercises that present opportunities for deeper communication that might not otherwise happen. We highly recommend it; it offered us an incredible resource and was time well spent!”

    Ann and Dan, Married 17 years, Santa Barbara, CA

    “During Marriage Bootcamp we had several “aha moments” and took away specific tools, different from other marriage conferences we’ve attended over our 29 year marriage. We recommend Dr. Gurney’s Marriage Bootcamp for couples at any stage of marriage!”

    Crystal and Al, Married 29 years, Haines, Alaska

    “Marriage Bootcamp afforded us the time to dive deep and connect on a range of issues, while also giving us the opportunity to express appreciation, love, and commitment for one another. We are grateful and were refreshed!”

    Tim and Jane, Married 40 years, Santa Barbara, CA


    • What exactly is the format of the 90 minutes?  Each week will be a mixture of short “lectures” interspersed with relevant exercises (totaling approximately 45 – 55 minutes) for you and your partner to complete in the privacy of your own home.
    • Is this appropriate for engaged couples?  Yes! The topics and skills we discuss will help set the foundation for a strong marriage.
    • What materials are provided? A printable PDF of the Marriage Bootcamp e-workbook, which includes notes and all exercises, will be sent to you along with the video links upon purchase of Marriage Bootcamp.
    • Is this applicable to people from all walks of faith? Yes, most definitely.
    • Can I share the Bootcamp workbook or video links with friends? No. The videos and content of the workbook is only for the couple who purchased it. The videos are registered and protected under US copyright law.
    • What are the exercises? Can you give me an example? The exercises are the same ones I do when conducting marriage workshops in person. They are relationship exercises, although many will be done individually before discussing with your spouse. For example, in “What’s Your Communication Culture” you answer questions using a Likert scale, total your score, and then discuss with your partner areas of discrepancy and identify areas for growth.





    When: Wednesdays @ 8:00 – 9:30 pm PDT
    (September 9, 16, 23, and 30)

    Who: You, your spouse, and Dr. Andrea Gurney – a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in couples and family therapy, has over 20 years of experience as a clinician, professor, and author. While many couples invite friends or sign up with other community group members, there is no “group” component or sharing amongst participants – only reflection and discussion between couples.

    What: Informative presentations will be presented “live”, via Zoom, and include experiential activities and a printable e-workbook with the content, assessments, activities, references, and weekly takeaway exercises.

    Where: Online, via Zoom. Login information provided after registration.

    FEE: Introductory rate of $119 per couple!



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